1. Name of the Association:
Muslima Guide

2. Mission and Objectives:
The mission of Muslima Guide is to create a global online community and resource hub that provides help, support, and a knowledge center for Muslim women. The association aims to empower Muslim women through education, networking, and the promotion of cultural understanding, guided by the principles of justice, compassion, and solidarity as outlined in Islamic teachings.

2.1 Objectives:

  1. To establish an online Knowledge Hub providing resources, information, and educational content grounded in Islamic principles for the benefit of Muslim women globally.
  2. To maintain a blog platform for sharing experiences, insights, and perspectives relevant to Muslim women’s lives and issues, reflecting the values of Islam.
  3. To foster an inclusive online community that encourages networking, support, and collaboration among Muslim women worldwide, guided by the principles of sisterhood and mutual respect as emphasized in Islam.
  4. To organize and promote events, both online and regionally, that contribute to the personal and professional development of Muslim women, guided by Islamic ethics and values.
  5. To actively seek funding and resources to support regional initiatives aimed at addressing specific needs within the Muslim women community, in accordance with Islamic principles of stewardship and charity.

3. Membership:
3.1 Membership Eligibility:

  • Membership is open to individuals who identify as Muslim women and support the objectives of the association.
  • Membership is inclusive and encourages participation regardless of geographical location.

3.2 Application and Admission:

  • Prospective members may apply through the association’s website or designated channels.
  • Admission will be subject to approval by the Steering Committee, guided by the principles of fairness and justice in Islam.

3.3 Rights and Responsibilities:

  • Members have the right to participate in decision-making processes and activities of the association.
  • Members are expected to adhere to the principles and values of Muslima Guide, as informed by Islamic teachings.

4. Governance Structure:
4.1 Steering Committee:

  • Composition: The Steering Committee will consist of a Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, and additional members as needed.
  • Roles and Responsibilities: The Steering Committee will be responsible for strategic planning, decision-making, and the overall direction of Muslima Guide, guided by Islamic principles of consultation (shura) and justice.

4.2 Trustees:

  • Founders and Trustees: Ms Hamsatu Mohammed Bashir and Dr Hadiza Alhaji Sainna.

4.3 Working Groups:

  • Formation: Working groups may be established to focus on specific projects or regional initiatives.
  • Reporting: Working groups will report to the Steering Committee on their progress and activities, guided by the principles of transparency and accountability in Islam.

5. Decision-Making:
Decisions will be made through a collaborative and consensus-based approach within the Steering Committee, guided by Islamic principles of shura (consultation) and mutual agreement. The use of virtual meetings and communication channels will ensure the participation of members across the globe.

6. Financial Management:
6.1 Funding Sources:

  • The association may seek funding from grants, donations, sponsorships, and other sources aligned with its mission and in accordance with Islamic principles of ethical financial management.

6.2 Resource Allocation:

  • Funds will be allocated based on the agreed-upon priorities and objectives of the association, guided by principles of fairness and justice.

6.3 Financial Reporting:

  • Regular financial reports will be prepared and shared with members, donors, and relevant stakeholders, in accordance with Islamic principles of transparency and accountability.

7. Global Collaboration:

  • Muslima Guide acknowledges the diversity of Muslim women worldwide and commits to inclusive practices that respect cultural differences, guided by Islamic teachings of unity in diversity.
  • The association will actively seek partnerships and collaborations with organizations and initiatives that share similar goals on an international scale, in accordance with Islamic principles of cooperation and mutual support.

8. Amendments to the Constitution:
Any proposed amendments to this constitution must be presented to the Steering Committee and approved by a two-thirds majority vote. Members will be notified of proposed changes, and their input may be sought, guided by principles of justice and consensus as per Islamic teachings.

9. Dissolution:
In the event of dissolution, any remaining assets will be distributed for charitable purposes in alignment with the mission and objectives of Muslima Guide, in accordance with UK laws and Islamic principles of stewardship.

10. Legal Clause:

  • Muslima Guide will operate in accordance with the laws of the United Kingdom. Any legal matters arising from the activities of the association will be addressed within the legal jurisdiction of the UK.

11. Indemnity Clause:

  • Members of the Steering Committee, Advisory Board, and Working Groups shall be indemnified and held harmless by the association for actions taken in good faith on behalf of Muslima Guide, in accordance with Islamic principles of justice and fairness.

12. Terms of Use:

  • Muslima Guide’s operations are governed by the Terms of Use, a legally binding document that establishes the rights, obligations, and conduct expected from users interacting with the website and its services. These terms cover various aspects, including user responsibilities, content creation guidelines, and participation in community forums. By accessing the website, users implicitly consent to adhere to the stipulations outlined in the Terms of Use. It is imperative for users to thoroughly review this legally binding document to comprehend the precise expectations and regulations governing their engagement with Muslima Guide.

13. Code of Conduct:

  • Muslima Guide operates in accordance with its Code of Conduct, which outline the principles and rules governing member behavior within the online community, reflecting Islamic values of respect, kindness, and empathy.

14. Privacy Policy:

  • The association adheres to its Privacy Policy, outlining how personal information is collected, stored, and used in compliance with data protection laws and Islamic principles of privacy.

15. Ratification:
This constitution is hereby ratified on 25 December 2023 by the founding members of Muslima Guide.

Signatures of Founding Members:
Ms Hamsatu Mohammed Bashir
Dr Hadiza Alhaji Sainna